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MAYHEW EDGES BRUNS IN CLOSEST FINISH IN ILLINI MIDGET HISTORY By Zach Tasker                 This past Labor Day weekend saw the Illini Racing Series midgets visit the 1/3 mile paved oval in Morris, Illinois known as Grundy County Speedway for a holiday double header weekend with two complete shows. On Saturday night 17 IRS midgets were on hand as part of the Hall of Fame weekend celebration and the Bob Lockard Memorial.                 For the 25 lap feature it was an all-rookie front row as Dan Smith and Jimmy Clark Jr led the field to the green flag. The feature got off to a dramatic start when the nights first heat race winner and fast time setter with a lap of 15.825 seconds Patrick Bruns suffered from a flat tire on lap 3 and would be done for the night.                 After the lap 3 restart Clark would extend his lead by a huge margin, at one point opening up a 6 second lead on 2nd place Bob Shreffler all the while putting multiple cars a lap down slicing through lapped traffic. Clark, who has been nicknamed “wild thing” due to his spectacular driving style of him always liking a loose racecar, was just a few laps away from a victory when with 2 laps remaining the oil line on Lamont Critchetts car went causing him to spin in turn number 4. This brought out the yellow flag and would set up a green-white-checkered finish.                 The rookie Clark, who also won the nights 2nd heat race in convincing fashion, stayed calm under pressure and acted like a multiple year midget racing veteran on the restart easily scooting away from the field once again. This would be the Lagrange, Illinois natives 2nd career midget feature victory, his first since July at M40 Speedway. “This one is really rewarding, just to overcome the adversity that we did at the start of the day (in qualifying), we just had a few troubles that were really affecting our performance but to overcome that is really satisfying and I’m really happy.”                 The driver of the #10c MWR Lightning/Ecotec knew he had to have a perfect restart with 2 laps remaining. “Honestly, I didn’t know what kind of lead I had, but I didn’t hear another car behind me so I knew I had a little bit of a gap, but it’s always kind of heart wrenching when you get a caution with 2 laps to go. Then I saw all the oil dry and everything so that was kind of making me nervous  but I knew I had a good car and I just needed to stay consistent and hit my marks and I was able to do that and bring home to win so it’s pretty awesome. I really want to finish off the season strong with more wins and get a victory for Mike Wallace Racing. They have been behind me 100% and I can’t thank those guys enough.”                 One of the biggest surprises of the night was the drive by Bob Shreffler, the driver of the #21a Buzzard/Focus was pleased with a strong runner up finish. “We had a little struggle at Sun Prairie the last time we ran so we got the car out tonight just to shake it down and make sure it was good and apparently it was pretty good. Believe it or not, we didn’t change a whole lot (from the dirt to pavement). We changed a little bit in the front suspension and kind of left the rear where it was, and it’s not bad. This is a true sportsman car and we had nothing for the 10 car, it’s just the way it is.”                 Scott Koerner rounded out the podium Saturday night in his #55 Hawk/Ecotec. Koerner was the Labor Day weekend Ironman running 4 features in 3 nights all at the Grundy County Speedway (2 in his late model, 2 in the midget). The Joliet, Illinois native is starting to peak at the right time of the year “I’m not going to say everything is cured but we had some fuel system issues and they didn’t seem too bad tonight so hopefully that will continue through tomorrow. He (Shreffler) was running right where I was wanting to be, so there wasn’t much option to get around him. If I had maybe 6-8 more laps I might have been able to do something but I was happy with running 3rd at that point anyway so I wasn’t going to push the issue too much.”                 Sunday saw another 25 lap feature on tap in front of a big crowd as it was the annual running of the Tom Arthur Memorial. Bob Shreffler and Lamont Crichett would be on the front row coming to the green. Crictchett quickly worked his way into the lead and was trying to run away from the field. A lap 7 yellow flag for Shreffler’s stalled car on the front straight bunched the field back up and Patrick Bruns took advantage of the restart and dove to the inside of Critchett.                 The two cars raced side by side for multiple laps with Bruns on the inside and Critchett on the outside. Bruns finally got the advantage and his teammate Clark followed through on the inside. The two MWR cars were nose to tail up front the rest of the distance taking home a commanding victory.                 For the driver of the #10b Darcy GMC/Mobil 1/Triple T Car Wash & Lube/MWR Lightning/Ecotec it was a sweep of the night as he also won the evenings first heat race, a great bounce back after a DNF the night before.  “Awesome weekend, we won a bunch of heat races, set fast time. Mike Wallace and the guys really have these cars dialed in. I feel really good leaving here this weekend. We had a good night going (last night), we started the feature going down the front straightaway just kind of got caught up in someone else’s mess. I understand those things happen, everybody is out here fighting for position, but we came back bouncing back really strong tonight.”                 The Champaign, Illinois resident is now locked in a titanic battle with Jason Allen for the season championship with two races remaining. “I am really proud of Jimmy Clark and how he ran tonight. I also want to give a shout out to Aaron Willis, he took a ride last night and spent some time at the hospital. His L4, and L5 vertebrae are herniated and he has a knee injury so we are thinking about our teammates here and we hope Aaron has a quick recovery and we want to see him back in a racecar. I also want to give a shout out to Kenny G. He gave me a shot with his STARS national midget, we had a pretty good debut with him and he has been in the hospital, my thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family and we want to see him have a speedy recovery as well. ”                 Young gun Jimmy Clark staked his claim to the top Rookie of the year contender scoring a 1st and 2nd place finish in both features during the weekend.  “It’s really awesome for me and Patrick and the whole Mike Wallace Racing team. We have worked really hard for this and those guys have put a lot of hours in at the shop so it’s really rewarding. I was really trying for the win, Patrick just got out front before I did and was just putting in good clean laps. I was trying to charge really hard in the corners trying to make up ground but I just burned  the right rear off it and I just didn’t really have anything else to give so I just tried to settle into a pace and take 2nd because that’s what I had for the night. It’s really good for the points and trying to get that rookie of the year. That is obviously one of my main goals this year. I think we will accomplish that as long as we will finish out the year strong which I am confident that we will and I just want to win more races.”                 Lamont Critchett battled hard for the race win early on but faded back and had to settle for 3rd. “I’m very happy for Chuck Schultz. He has really struggled with this package, and to finally get it running and basically see a proud papa there smiling ear to ear is pretty cool but as a competitor I’m still pissed off because there were two cars in front of me. I had the lead and we lost it. I gave the car what it had, we have more work to do and more progress to be done. We can go forward, we have to give it to the MWR guys they have their stuff together and we are trying to inch our way there.”                 The driver of the #6c Beyta Gear Service Ellis/Honda was pleased with his battle for the lead after losing an oil line and having a DNF the night before” I didn’t rub wheels, we didn’t touch. It was good clean racing. I would love to do it for more laps but my car wasn’t there letting me do it. If I would have we would have wrecked so I just brought it home, and got it finished. This is the first time this car has finished a feature finally so we are making progress.”                 The night’s second heat race was won by Scott Koerner. The IRS now has a two week break before the final two races of the season. There is a huge, tight championship battle now ongoing between Patrick Bruns and Jason Allen. Only the September 20 event at Grundy County Speedway and September 27 season finale at Rockford Speedway remain. Join us on Saturday September 20 at Grundy County for 70s and 80s night as drivers fight for another win to close the season and to see who will stake their claim to this year’s championship!   SATURDAY RESULTS: FEATURE (25 Laps): 1)#10c Jimmy Clark Jr. 2)#21a Bob Shreffler 3)#55 Scott Koerner 4)#2a Andrew Hennig 5)#54a Jason Allen 6)#7 Adam Taylor 7)#6s Dan Smith 8)#16 Erica Ensor 9)#0 Doug Orseske 10)#10  Klaus Weaver 11)#12 Bryce Dunn 12)#6 Lamont Crichett 13)#9 Mike Stroik 14)#3 Mike Anderson 15)#10b Patrick Bruns 16)#10a Aaron Willis Jr. 17)#51 Mike Anderson (DNS)   HEAT RACE #1 (8 Laps): 1)#10b Patrick Bruns 2)#9 Mike Stroik 3)#54a Jason Allen 4)#21a Bob Shreffler 5)#55 Scott Koerner 6)#51 Mike Anderson 7)#6 Lamont Critchett 8)#10a Aaron Willis Jr.   HEAT RACE #2 (8 LAPS): 1)#10c Jimmy Clark Jr. 2)#6s Dan Smith 3)#2a Andrew Hennig 4)#0 Doug Orseske 5)#16 Erica Ensor 6)#7 Adam Taylor 7)#10 Klaus Weaver 8)#12 Bryce Dunn 9)#3 Eddie Sauer (DNS) QUALIFYING: 1)#10b Patrick Bruns (15.825) 2)#10a Aaron Willis Jr (16.028) 3)#51 Mike Anderson (16.043) 4)#55 Scott Koerner (16.148) 5)#9 Mike Stroik (16.193) 6)#6 Lamont Critchett (16.232) 7)#21a Bob Shreffler (16.304) 8)#54a Jason Allen (16.389) 9)#10 Klaus Weaver (16.397) 10)#7 Adam Taylor (16.409) 11)#16 Erica Ensor (16.411) 12)#2a Andrew Hennig (16.485) 13)#6s Dan Smith (16.561) 14)#10c Jimmy Clark Jr (16.564) 15)#0 Doug Orseske (16.588) 16) #12 Bryce Dunn (17.527) 17)#3 Eddie Sauer (no time)   SUNDAY RESULTS: FEATURE (25 Laps): 1)#10b Patrick Bruns 2)#10c Jimmy Clark Jr. 3)#6 Lamont Critchett 4)#2a Andrew Hennig 5)#55 Scott Koerner 6)#7 Adam Taylor 7)#3 Mike Anderson 8)#9 Mike Stroik 9)#16 Erica Ensor 10)#0 Doug Orseske 11)#12 Bryce Dunn 12)#54a Jason Allen 13)#6s Mike Stroik 14)#21a Bob Shreffler 15)#10 Tyler Baran (DNS)   HEAT RACE #1 (8 Laps): 1)#10b Patrick Bruns 2)#6 Lamont Critchett 3)#7 Adam Taylor 4)#2a Andrew Hennig 5)#9 Mike Stroik 6)#3 Mike Anderson 7)#0 Doug Orseske 8)#12 Bryce Dunn   HEAT RACE #2 (8 Laps): 1)#55 Scott Koerner 2)#10c Jimmy Clark Jr. 3)#21a Bob Shreffler 4)#54a Jason Allen 5)#6s Dan Smith 6)#16 Erica Ensor 7)#10Tyler Baran  
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