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ILLINI RACING SERIES PAVEMENT RACING    (JUNE 10, 2016  NEWS  RELEASE)                 On June 1, 2016, the Board of Directors for the Short Track Auto Racing Series, LLC (STARS) announced the dissolution of STARS. They have promoted Midget, Classic Modified, Super Cup and Allison Legacies and have had exclusive rights to the Saturday night racing at Grundy County Speedway for the past five years. This dissolution has completely altered the plans and schedule for the Illini Midget pavement racing for the 2016 season, as well as the racing for the other above mentioned series. This is the 25th year for the Illini Racing Series. The race scheduled at Grundy for Saturday, June 18, 2016, has been canceled. The first Midget Pavement Race is scheduled at Rockford on Saturday, June 25, 2016. SATURDAY, JULY 2, 2016   FIRST  RACE  AT  GRUNDY: IN  CONJUNCTION  WITH  THE  GRUNDY  COUNTY  FAIR  [Wednesday, June 29 – Sunday, July 3, 2016] The Illini Board, along with the Grundy County Fair Board, wants to see pavement racing kept alive in the Midwest. The first Grundy race will be promoted by the Fair Board. The race program will consist of practice for all the classes (mentioned above), qualifying, heat races and features. The Fair Board may add its regular Street Stocks and 4 Cylinder classes as well. There will be no entry or transponder fees. The only “at track” fee to the competitor will be the pit passes. They will be priced at the going rate. The purse will be paid by the Fair Board. It will be the same amount paid to the Illini competitors over the past several years by STARS. This program is now in place for only one night of racing, July 2nd. It may be extended for the remainder of the 2016 season or it may be picked up by another promoter or club. This depends on the car counts and the over-all success of the program. The STARS / ILLINI groups formed a new board to develop competition rules for 2016. They had many off- season meetings and collectively arrived at a new set of rules for the 2016 season. These new rules will be used for the pavement only midget racing for the 2016 season. A summary of these rules follows: ENGINE  RULES:  We will use the POWRI / ILLINI D2 rules for the 2016 program with the addition of almost any current midget engine using the proper intake restriction.  Please contact the ILLINI board for information regarding this restriction. CHASSIS  RULES: The STARS / ILLINI board developed a set of unique chassis rules for the 2016 season. These rules are simple in concept and easy to tech. They will be used for our pavement racing.  The following is a summary of these rules. MINIMUM  WEIGHT: 1135# with driver. CHASSIS  OFFSET:  The offset will be measured in a different manner in 2016. Instead of measuring distances to a center or a common point, we will weigh the cars and allow a maximum of 59 percent left side weight. All race car set-up scales have the ability to display this percentage. Any offset measurements are allowed as long as the 59 percent weight and a maximum width of 65 inches are maintained. The width will be measured from the outside of the side wall to the outside of the sidewall, both front and rear. TIRE  RULES  (2016 Pavement Midget): A new set of tire rules was adopted by the STARS / ILLINI board for the 2016 season. These will be in place for all the pavement races. The Boubin tire company has partnered with us for our new pavement program. They are offering us dealer direct pricing. The chart below shows sizes, applications and prices. It also shows maximum allowable rim width. TO  ORDER  TIRES: Call the Boubin Tire Company direct at 1-800-722-3847. The following employees are familiar with our tire rules and can take your order or answer your questions: Troy Boubin, Darin Christensen, and Breyon Gibson. We will also allow the Illini treaded tires (for pavement only) that were used for the past several years. They can be mixed or matched, with our new “slick” tires. The durometer readings on our “old” tires fall somewhere in between our new right rear tire and our new left rear tire. The roll-out sizes are similar.  
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Preview of the 2016 Illini Midget Series season The IRS will celebrate its 25th season with a completely different format. As in the past, our competitors will run races on both dirt and paved tracks. 15 races will be contested to decide our 2016 champion, seven on dirt and 8 on pavement. The difference with the 2016 season is that The IRS will not be the sole club running these races. We have partnered with the STARS group for all our pavement races and the POWRI group for all our dirt races. Membership Explained: The IRS will not be accepting membership applications in 2016, but all competitors must join either STARS or POWRI. These two clubs are both well established and well respected. They have a working agreement with each other for the 2016 season. They will honor each other’s members for both payouts and points. Which to join: Those who think they will be running more dirt than pavement or those that are going for the D2 POWRI championship should join the POWRI D2 club. Those who think they will be running more pavement than dirt or those that are going for the STARS championship should join the STARS club. Both of these membership application forms are on the ILLINI website. www.illiniracing.com. These are both downloadable and are self - explanatory. The engine and chassis rules: There are bigger differences between the engine and chassis rules for dirt and pavement for 2016. These rules can be found on both clubs’ websites. The differences are all “bolt on” items such as minimum weights, offsets and tires. Tire rules and tire sources: These are 90% complete and will be finalized soon. As soon as we have all details, we will pass them on.
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